Congratulations to the people who have changed their habits & achieved better health with Naturoconsulta de Cris

They have improved their health by food & lifestyle changes. Once you know what to do, you never forget it. You will maintain your shape and energy, and achieve your health goals.  ** Photos are not of the people giving testimonies, and are just part of the aesthetics of the website.

"Super happy with my session with Naturoconsulta de Cris, super valuable information to take care of yourself, very professional! And I came out with a lot of information that I did not know, now I am very motivated to start! And with the peace of mind that I will be doing it well. Thank you <3"

 Kalia, Palma de Mallorca

"A great person that will give everything she has, to help you".

Diego Espinosa, Palma de Mallorca

"Thanks Cristina for your guidance and advice, you have clarified a lot and given me guidelines, so I can be conscious of the food I eat, to take care of my health. Also seeing how you keep in such great shape is the best proof that your advice is right. "

Belén López, Palma de Mallorca


I'm grateful to these wonderful people for trusting me, and for their kind words

And start a healthier life today!