My name is Cristina Sebastian. I am a naturopath and a vegan coach.

I am fully bilingual. I give consultations at the convenience of your own home, at my consultation in Palma, or via Skype. Please call me for information on how I can help you. No obligations. We will have a chat and you can decide if you wish to use my services. My speciality is to analyze what you are doing wrong, and guide you on a new path to health. I will show you how to change your bad habits and adopt good ones, without having to go on strict diets, that you always end up abandoning. The shift will be so smooth, you will hardly believe it. I guarantee results if you commit to follow my advice. No hunger, no pain, an enjoyable way to health. Personalized plans for every need.


Please contact me on +34 606 406 384 or by email : csebastian@me.com